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In Conflict With The Law:

Supporting Professionals Working With Crime-Involved Youth


To engage the members of the Youth Justice Network membership, and all its diversity, in a meaningful relationship.


To expand our network of professionals, youth and community workers in order to reach young people encountering conflict with the law across the city.


Committed to fostering excellence in supporting young people facing multiple barriers, and youth in conflict with the law.

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Volunteer Team


The YJNT Network host meetings every other month, during the third week on Tuesdays. At these meetings stakeholders, Youth Workers, and community members are invited to share their knowledge in ways youth can better be supported. Click Here to see when our next meeting is.

Volunteers on Construction Site


Since 2007, YJNT has grown a supportive network that exceeds 1300 youth workers, stakeholders and supporters. Through this network professionals in the field have been able to learn from one another to provide the youth with an array of services that they can benefit from. Subscribe to the YJNT to Join our network of supporters.

About Us

The Youth Justice Network of Toronto is the key link that keeps Youth Workers and Youth agencies in tune with the latest updates around how to support youth facing barriers, with a key focus on youth in conflict with the law.

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