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Core Services

Youth Justice Network Core Services:

Capacity Building Plans

Fundraising Plans

We create strategies and activities designed to secure financial support for the organization’s mission and programs.

Grant Writing

We work with Non-profits and Grassroots groups to prepare funding proposals from foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

EDI and Anti-Racism work

We provide Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression training with
a focus on equity and equitable outcomes for organizations.

We create strategies, initiatives and plans aimed at
improving the effectiveness and sustainability within organizations.

Measurement and Evaluation Services and Plans
HR Services
Program Development and Design

We provide Measurement and
Evaluation services and plans that involve the use of data and metrics to measure and evaluate the outcomes and impact of an organization’s work.

We provide Human Resources services to organizations with a focus on developing and implementing strategies, policies, and practices that support the
organization’s workforce.

We work collaboratively with organizations to identify needs, develop goals and objectives; then design programs that meets those
needs and advance the organization’s mission.

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