Our Founder

About Orville Wallace

Founder & Chairman of YJNT


Orville Wallace has over twenty years’ experience providing support to youth across the
province and mentorship for many youth living in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. 
Over the years, Orville has gained experience from doing front-line youth work as well
as managing many large youth programs that span across the province.  Orville has a
passion for helping youth facing multiple barriers achieve success in their lives with a
specific passion for helping youth in conflict with the law obtain employment and gain
access to pro-social life skills.  Orville completed his B.A. at the University of Toronto
and is currently enrolled in the Public Sector Executive Leadership Program at Queens
University.  He currently serves as the Head of Programs and Impact at Prince’s Trust
Canada where he oversees a broad range of programming serving youth and Veterans
across Canada, as well as oversees the Evaluation and measurement of the programs.
Prior to this role, Orville worked in Philanthropy as the Director of Programs and
Strategic Initiatives with the Laidlaw Foundation where he overseen the grant making
process of all funding programs and strategic framework for the Foundation.  Orville has
a strong passion for youth advocacy and topics related to Youth Justice.  He has been a
member of several community coalitions and youth groups, including: the York Youth
Coalition, the Lawrence Heights Inter-organizational network, the Frontline Partners with
Youth Network, Youth Impact Groups, the 31 Division Community Policing Liaison
Committee and many others.  In 2009, Orville was a graduate of United Way’s Creative
Institute for Toronto’s Young (C.I.T.Y.) leaders, a group of young aspiring leaders from
the social service sector.

In 2007, Orville facilitated Neighbourhood Insight Sessions for the Roots of Youth
Violence Review for the Jane and Finch community, and also contributed to the final
report for the Premier.  In the same year Orville founded the Youth Justice Network of
Toronto, a network that now consists of over 1300 social service workers province-wide
with a vested interest in working with youth facing barriers to success, specifically youth
in conflict with the law.  He believes that this has been his greatest achievement.  In
2008 Orville received the YMCA Peace Medallion for his work as the Founder and Chair
of the Youth Justice Network.  Through this network Orville regularly shares information
on a variety of community events and programs for youth with social service workers
and residents across the GTA.

Today Orville remains actively involved in the planning and moderating of many
community events across the province.  He believes in community capacity building and
is committed to increasing youth engagement in their communities by utilizing anti-
oppressive, anti-racist and Positive Youth Development approaches.